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This Tutorial is designed to quickly get people up to speed with Perl CGI scripting. That's all. In 4 short steps, what you must do are:

  1. Create your cgi-bin directory. (On Apache it must be a sub-directory of your public_html directory.)
  2. Put your scripts in that directory.
  3. Set the permissions. (chmod 755 *)
  4. Have your forms access the scripts.

Below are some example forms and cgi scripts, in no particular order. Everyone should start with the simplest form, just to understand how data is passed from a form to a cgi script. Good Hacking.

Other Common Gateway Interface resources are NCSA or the comp.infosystems.www.authoring.cgi newsgroup and their FAQ. General Perl questions should go to comp.lang.perl.misc, after checking their FAQ.

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